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2nd March Action Required  SASAT service replaces WASAT service
2nd March Action Required  EASAT service replaces AORET service
1st FebruarySASAT service replaces WASAT service – L-band frequency shift
1st FebruaryEASAT service replaces AORET service – L-band frequency shift
3rd JanuaryFugro Satellite Positioning Status Update (Hydro 2022)
12 Sep '22Septentrio launches the Marinestar AsteRx-U3 Marine receiver
12 Jul '22Septentrio M3 Fg OEM board with Marinestar is available
15 Jun '22Septentrio releases updated firmware version 4.12 for AsteRx-u-Fg, and AsteRx4 OEM boards
17 Sep '21EMSAT service replaces ESAT
1 Sep '21New AsteRx-u-Fg firmware 4.10.3 available
1 Jul '21Septentrio releases updated firmware version 4.10 for AsteRx-u-Fg, and AsteRx4 OEM boards